Professional Development Tools

Cloud and Desktop IDEs

Cloud and Desktop

We help building your custom IDE-like tool based on your specific needs. The foundation is a selection of professional open source frameworks that we tightly integrate into your existing tool chains – whether you work on a desktop environment or in the cloud.

Language Engineering

Circle of Arrows

You want your users to love and use a certain textual language efficiently? We build VS Code extensions, language servers or even full-fledged compilers or interpreters. Let us help you design your DSL or low-code platform and implement full tool support for it to empower even non-technical stakeholders to contribute.

Modeling and Diagramming


While text can be easily persisted and versioned, some information can be better conveyed with graphics. Whether you want to get a fully automated view of your models or just want to visualize your data structures in a clear way - we offer you unique expertise in diagramming and layout algorithms, especially in conjunction with DSLs.

Left QuotationWith extensive experience and numerous successful projects in language design, IDE and tool development, TypeFox offers a unique expertise in this field worldwide.Right Quotation

Partners and Clients

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