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We thought about your challenge before you even realized you were going to face it. We’ve been developing open source software tools that can be tailored to your needs — tightly integrated with your existing tool chains. We call it pioneering work. You might call it the end of your search.

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Language Engineering

We empower domain experts to communi­cate and cooperate effectively, without needing programming experience.

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Cloud and Desktop IDEs

Your workflow needs the ideal environment. Thatʼs why we develop inventive solutions that adapt to your needs.

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Modeling and Diagramming

Graphical views make complex systems look simple. Almost as simple as we make it for you to create and customize them.

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We have initiated open source projects that have become global standards in their fields, and we will continue to do so as we strive for solutions that are, both, pragmatic and groundbreaking.

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Announcing the Open Collaboration Tools

Wed Jul 10 2024


Dr. Miro Spönemann, Mark Sujew

Announcing the Open Collaboration Tools

Weʼre unveiling a new open source project designed to connect with others and live-share your code in real-time collaboration sessions. Extensibility and openness are built into its core.

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