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Eclipse Theia is an extensible platform for developing multilingual cloud and desktop IDEs using a state-of-the-art web technology stack. The framework, with its modular system, allows you to build a development environment tailored to your needs. Be it by adding one of the numerous extensions, implementing your own Theia extensions or even adding VS Code plug-ins.
Furthermore, the UI can be fully customized. You want to see your company logo when starting the app? You don't need certain widgets or menu items at all? Dark and light themes are not enough for you? No problem!

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VS Code

Maybe building a whole new IDE is a bit overengineered? VS Code is very popular as day-to-day development platform and offers an extension API that has been adopted to create a myriad of useful extensions. We can support you to build custom VS Code extensions for the specific needs of your engineers.

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Eclipse RCP

Old but gold: the “rich client platform” is an established foundation for Java-based applications. It has a rich ecosystem of tools and frameworks that can be loaded as plug-ins. We can support you to integrate language support for your DSLs in Eclipse-based tools, along with backing features like diagrams and additional views.

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Open VSX

Deploying your own VS Code based application? The VS Code extension format is finding increasing adoption, most notably by Theia. Eclipse Open VSX is a registry for VS Code extensions that is free to be installed in public or private networks. We can support you to set up Open VSX to distribute extensions within your organization.

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Find more info in this blog post.

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Training and Support

Have you always wanted to build your own IDE but didn't know where to start? We offer training, support and advice to ensure the tools you build based on Theia, VS Code or Eclipse RCP are a pleasure to use.