It's the working environment that counts: cloud and desktop IDEs

Extensible platforms for developing cloud and desktop development environments using state-of-the-art web technology stacks.


Eclipse Theia

We founded Theia in 2017, an open-source IDE framework designed as a successor to Eclipse RCP, which had been the leading platform for custom desktop tools for many years.

Designed for customization

Theia combines pluggable VS Code extensions with compile-time extensions, enabling both compatibility with the VS Code ecosystem and deep customizations.

Desktop, cloud or both

You can package Theia as a desktop app or deploy it into cloud development environ­ments – or even target both platforms with the same code base.

VS Code

We support you in creating custom VS Code extensions: DSL integration, custom widgets, or any other functionality based on the extension API.

Full flexibility with extensions

Install your extensions into the standard VS Code app, a cloud deployment of VS Code, or Eclipse Theia.

What others say about us:
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Counting on us means counting on a successful project

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Pioneers in IDE development

Creators of Theia, a highly customizable and web-deployable alternative to VS Code trusted by global players like Google, Red Hat, Ericsson, SAP, Arm, and more.

Advisory support

Comprehensive advisory support throughout the entire design and implemen­tation process of your development environment.

Creators of Open VSX

Open VSX is a trusted and free marketplace for VS Code extensions, empowering developers and corporations while fostering a vibrant open-source ecosystem.

Trusted by a diverse range of industries:

Finance, insurance, consulting, data science, telecommunication, automation, custom hardware (ASIC / SoC), automotive, railway

Trust us too

Been there. Done that. Whatʼs next?

Gitpod, the leading platform for on-demand cloud development environments (CDEs), was invented at TypeFox. Gitpod offers CDEs for web-based coding or seamless integration with local IDEs. It is recognized worldwide and inspiring similar products in the market.

Our commitment to open innovation is derived from our passion to collaborate with diverse communities, creating high-quality open source tools and IDEs together.

Latest news #IDEs

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Jan 3rd 2024


Markus Rudolph

Add views to a Langium-powered VS Code extension

Markus gives a simple introduction about webviews in VS Code and how to interact with Langium.

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Dec 13th 2023


Dennis Hübner

Enhancing communication between extensions and webviews using VS Code Messenger

Dennis introduces the VS Code Messenger library and explains how to use it for a better intercommunication between VS Code extension and its webviews.

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Nov 16th 2023


Mark Sujew

Embracing remote systems in local IDEs

Mark discusses remote development and collaborative editing. He introduces a new collaboration protocol to enable compatibility between IDEs.

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