Navigate complexity: modeling and diagramming.

We bring customizable and scalable graphical views to web applications, Theia, VS Code, and other web-based platforms.


Eclipse Sprotty

Our highly customizable and extensible framework enables you to render stunning diagrams in web applications.

Filter and highlight views

Sprotty allows you to focus on what's important in your diagrams with astonishing ease and exceptional performance. Emphasize elements, highlight relationships, and visualize model changes with animations.

Support for client/server scenarios

Visualize models and data from arbitrary sources in distributed applications. Add your data source to a VS Code extension, Theia backend, or a microservice in your infrastructure.

Bridging textual and visual models

Combine Sprotty with Langium to automatically generate graphical views from textual specifica­tions. A graphical visuali­zation can be a valuable companion to your text-based tool chain.

Effortless graph layouts

Sprotty has a direct integration with the Eclipse Layout Kernel (ELK) project for automatic graph layout, enabling maximum clarity and readability of generated graphical views.

What others say about us:
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Counting on us means counting on a successful project

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Solutions applied with success

Demonstrated track record of applying modeling and diagram­ming solutions in projects from the industry, delivering tangible results and value to our customers.

Pioneers of visualization tools

Pioneers of the Sprotty project, a powerful visualization tool based on TypeScript and SVG, utilized in numerous projects to deliver high-performance diagrams for effective model representation.

Close collaboration with academia

Collaboration with the University of Kiel on graph layout algorithms and diagramming concepts, ensuring continuous advance­ment and innovation in the field.

Trusted by a diverse range of industries:

Finance, insurance, consulting, data science, telecommunication, automation, custom hardware (ASIC / SoC), automotive, railway

Trust us too

Thought leaders, model-driven

We have shaped the Eclipse Layout Kernel (ELK) project for automatic layout together with our academic partners. We are also recognized as a major player by the community for contributions to frameworks for graphical modeling and editing.

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