The magic potion for domain experts: domain-specific languages

Domain-specific languages (DSLs) empower business users to communicate and collaborate effectively, without needing programming experience.


Eclipse Langium

With Langium, we work with you to create a tailored language that aligns with your domainʼs unique needs, ensuring efficient workflows for your users.

Your language, everywhere

We integrate an intuitive editing experience for your DSL into VS Code, Eclipse Theia, or any kind of web application.

Made to be integrated

We build generators that derive code, documenta­tion or other artifacts from your DSL as a single source of truth. We enable you to automate processes, ensure consis­tency and save time.

Custom-tailored, end-to-end

We know how to realize all the special requirements that youʼre facing. We designed Langium such that it can be adapted to a wide variety of needs.

Made for the cloud era

Business tools are increasingly moving away from the desktop and into the cloud. Langium is ready for this transition and is gaining traction to become the standard DSL toolkit for the web.

What others say about us:
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Counting on us means counting on a successful project

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Helping customers

Proven track record of helping customers identify the perfect fit for DSLs in their application or process landscape.

Advisory support

Comprehensive advisory support throughout the entire design and implemen­tation process of your language.

Knowledge of all aspects

Extensive knowledge of all aspects of language design, from parsing to validation, code generators, interpreters, and visualizations.

Trusted by a diverse range of industries:

Finance, insurance, consulting, data science, telecommunication, automation, custom hardware (ASIC / SoC), automotive, railway

Trust us too

Proud to have been funded:

Langium is a research and development project of the Ministry of Education and Research

We built Langium from the ground up.

Langium, a state-of-the-art web framework, is the culmination of our extensive experience with Xtext, a highly successful Java-based DSL toolkit initiated by the founders of TypeFox in 2008. Purely built with TypeScript, Langium seamlessly integrates with modern IDEs and web apps.

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