TypeFox is Looking For Tool Developers

Mon Feb 17 2020 by jankoehnlein

If you were ever frustrated with a development tool you used and decided to build a better one yourself, this article is for you.

We at TypeFox specialize in building tools and we are looking to expand our team. Our mission is to make software development fun and remove all tedious friction. We are a highly motivated team, organized in a flat hierarchy, and led by technical founders. We love open source, have started and lead many popular open-source projects, and contribute to many others. In this fashion, we present at international conferences and collaborate openly around the globe.

What is exciting about tools is that your expertise benefits software developers as well as experts in many other fields. This includes electrical engineering, data science, mechanical engineering, healthcare, aerospace, insurance, finance, and many more. TypeFox helps customers from all over the world.

What you’ll do:

  • Build desktop and cloud-based tools using Go, TypeScript and Java
  • Create, use and dog-food cutting-edge technology
  • Work with communities, users and clients

What you should bring:

  • Four years or more of experience in software engineering
  • Ability to work independently and in teams
  • Desire to discover and learn

We offer:

  • Remote Employment in Germany or France
  • Office positions in Kiel (Germany)

Interested? Tell us about you and your goals and don’t forget to attach your CV!