The Next Chapter of TypeFox

Tue Jun 15 2021 by Daniel Dietrich, Dr. Miro Spönemann, Sven Efftinge

TypeFox has gone through a few exciting years, steadily driving innovation in the developer tools space. Our biggest effort has been the creation of Gitpod, a development platform that continuously prepares and provisions ready-to-code development environments in the cloud. Since Gitpod is not a consultancy-based business, we decided to separate it from TypeFox and continue it as a VC-backed company that keeps expanding. While the bonds are still close between the two companies, the separation means that TypeFox can focus on its roots: development and consulting services for custom developer tools and domain-specific languages.

TypeFox: New Leadership, Same Spirit

Because Jan, Moritz and Sven are focused on building the Gitpod start-up, we appointed two new leaders for TypeFox: Daniel and Miro.

Daniel Dietrich

Daniel is a creative mind and a creator of things. He studied computer science at the University of Kiel and never stopped learning. Daniel achieved international attention as an open source library creator in the area of functional programming. He worked for more than a decade as a Software Engineer in the enterprise industry. Now Daniel is co-leading TypeFox to shape the future of development.

Miro Spönemann

Miro earned a PhD (Dr.-Ing.) at the University of Kiel with the main focus on graph layout algorithms and their application in software engineering. He joined TypeFox as a software engineer right after the company was established in 2016. Five years later he stepped up as a co-leader and is now eager to shape the future direction and strategy. Miro has a passion for open source software tools and helped kickstarting several open source projects at the Eclipse Foundation.

For us at TypeFox, keeping the company's spirit alive and vibrant primarily means to pursue innovation. We have created several open source tools that have evolved to giants in their fields, with many others now standing on their shoulders. The most notable of these tools are Theia and Xtext, both managed by the Eclipse Foundation. And we won't stop here: we will announce a new TypeScript-based DSL framework soon, so stay tuned to our blog!

Support for Theia, Xtext and More

TypeFox continues to offer services for the topics that have been our main focus since the beginning. If you depend on any of the following frameworks, you can count on our experience to build and maintain a great tool that your users will love.

Domain-Specific Languages

  • Eclipse Xtext
    Language engineering has always been our key area of expertise. Xtext is an excellent basis for building your own DSL either with the Language Server Protocol or directly integrated in the Eclipse Platform.

Tool Platforms

  • Eclipse Theia
    Theia is one of the key projects of the Eclipse Cloud Development Tools initiative. It is built on web technologies and can be used to create IDE-like tools for the cloud as well as desktop apps.
  • VS Code
    This highly popular IDE was made by Microsoft and offers an extension API that has been adopted to create a myriad of useful extensions.
  • Eclipse RCP
    Old but gold: the rich client platform is an established foundation for Java-based applications.

Diagrams and Visualizations

  • Eclipse Sprotty
    Sprotty is designed to embed visualizations in web-based IDEs. It includes integrations for Theia, VS Code, Xtext and ELK.
  • Eclipse Layout Kernel (ELK)
    This graph layout library enables the creation of fully automatic views of your models.

Get in Touch

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us to cooperate on any level e.g. you have been our business partner in the past, or you are looking for someone to help you build a great tool, or you are an engineer who would love to join our team to build the next generation of tooling frameworks.