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Eclipse Theia is an extensible platform to develop multi-language Cloud & Desktop IDEs with state-of-the-art web technologies.

Learn from the architects of the new open-source IDE at Eclipse. We offer trainings, support and consultancy to make sure the tools you build on top of Theia are a pleasure to use. More on

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Your Custom Cloud & Desktop IDE

You want to provide a streamlined experience for engineers and/or developers? With TypeFox’s combined 50+ years experience in IDE and language engineering you are on the safe side.

Language Engineering


You want your users to love and use a certain programming language efficiently?

No language is complete without a great editing experience. Get them content assist, diagnostics, rich navigation and much more in their editors.

We build VS Code Extensions, Language Servers, and even full blown compilers and interpreters.

Modeling / Diagramming

Modeling / Diagramming

We can help developing fast and maintainable code generators that integrate seamlessly with your workflows. Fast turnarounds and simplicity are key features for us.

While text can be easily persisted and versioned, some information can be better represented graphically.

TypeFox offers unique expertise in diagramming and layout algorithms for many different technologies.

Automated Provisioning


Cloud IDEs can be more than just a VM in the cloud that developers have to maintain just like local dev environments.

Gitpod is a hosting solution for Theia that focusses on a frictionless experience for developers.

Gitpod doesn’t need a complicated configuration UI as all required information comes directly from the code repository. Gitpod integrates with GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket and regular Git hosting.

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EricssonARMRedHatGoogle CloudSAPIBMD-Wave SystemsArduino

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With over a decade of experience in language engineering and software tool development, we at TypeFox strive for the best user experience of our tools and the most pragmatic and valuable solution for everything we do.

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