Growing TypeFox

Tue Feb 23 2016 by jankoehnlein

Good news for the Xtext community: This month three more Xtext committers joined our team at TypeFox. Let me introduce you to our new colleagues Anton, Christian and Miro:

Anton Kosyakov

Anton Kosyakov became an Xtext and Xtend committer in July 2013. He has improved our codebase  a lot ever since, and he has created major parts of the new IntelliJ plug-ins. As Anton was born in Russia, he is the reason why we started speaking English in our office. And we still do, as he has kept secret that he has learned to speak German quite well in the meantime!

Christian Schneider

Christian Schneider is our rookie. He joined the team right after his job at the University of Kiel, where he developed the KLighD framework, a lightweight diagram view framework based on the Eclipse Layout Kernel (formerly KIELER) project. Wish him luck for the completion of his doctoral thesis! Christian has been working on Xtext’s new generator. He loves his dogs and is a passionate sailor.

Dr. Miro Spönemann

Dr. Miro Spönemann also came from the KIELER project, where he did research on algorithms for automatic diagram layout and developed his own (KLay Layered). Being an Xtext and Xtend committer since December 2014, Miro tinkered the XRobots, and re-designed the Web editor as well as the new generator for Xtext. He loves chopping wood and playing the guitar and he fluently speaks Italian with a Tuscany accent. We expect two more team members in March, and we plan to grow further. If you have a solid understanding of Java and Eclipse and if you want to explore the world as an Xtext consultant, feel free to contact us.